Which is the Fastest Electric Skateboard as of Today? [2021]

So you want to find out which is the fastest electric skateboard out there? Let’s learn all about it.

World record holder NGV Nextboard – top speed of 60 miles per hour

The Guinness world record for fastest speed with an electric skateboard was set by Mischo Erban (Czech/Canada) with a speed of 95.83 km per hour, or 60 miles per hour. That’s the speed limit for intercity roads!
The record was set with an NGV Nextboard electric skateboard and the feit was observed by official analysts from the Guinness World Records.

The eboard costs a hefty amount of $2,995.

Carvon Evo 4WD with max speed of 49* miles per hour

The second-place contender is the Carvon Evo 4WD, which is also not accessible to purchase, as it is a prototype as well. It’s fastest speed is 65km per hour, and some *unofficial tests have reached 49 miles per hour.

If you have a spare $3k you’re probably thinking: ‘I’m getting one.’ But we both know you don’t need the fastest electric skateboard in the world to enjoy eskate riding.
So let’s think clear here, alright. Let’s explore the fastest, accessible esk8s out there that are both fast, yet cheap and safe enough so you don’t end up breaking something else, apart from your ego.

The Outstorm Off-Road electric skateboard going up to 31 Miles per hour

This is the fastest purchasable electric skateboard. It is an amazing purchase even if you don’t consider the top speed. The heavy duty all terrain tyres make this esk8 usable both for commute and some mountain boarding as well.
Remember, this isn’t just a toy, it’s a professional electric longboard, make sure you use protective gear when riding it. The top speed is no joke, so if you’re a beginner to intermediate rider, take your time getting the feel of the board before going full ‘Back to the future’ mode, ok!

Characteristics of the fastest esk8: Outstorm off road electric longboard

  • It has a 19 mile range, which is average, with a 4 hour charge time to full.
  • The motor is 3300w using dual brushless motors 1650w each.
  • It weighs 32lbs and has dimensions of 42 by 17 by 9 inches
  • The tyres are pneumatic rubber tires suitable for AT ride.
  • The deck is made of 11 layers of Canadian maple
  • Comes with a one year warranty (depending on distributor, check yours before purchase!)

Pros of the Outstorm all terrain eboard

The powerful motor and all terrain tyres makes it suitable for people with more bodyweight.

This electric longboard is suitable for roads with ruts, humps, holes bumps and the like. The rubber tyres don’t care for those, so if you live in a place with bad roads, that esk8 is going to be your best choice.

The battery has a decent amount of life, one charge is enough to last you the whole ride, especially if you’re going all-terrain. For commute, that’d depend on how far you go, as the max range is 19 miles.


I can’t stress this enough, be careful when riding this board, unless you’re experienced, not only the speed you can reach but the acceleration is very fast due to the DW motor. Make sure to use PPE, a helmet and protective gloves.
The top speed can make the eboard a bit shaky and wobbly, so make sure to tighten the trucks well before going to maximum speed
The board is pretty heavy, so it can’t be easily carried for long distances, it is not a small eboard for commuting daily, it is more of an all terrain board for climbing hills and going on dirt roads with.

Review of the Outstorm after half a year of use:

After heavy use, it now has a range of 15 miles, and only an inner tube needed to be changed, which wasn’t expensive. The battery gets charged to full for much less than expected, just 2 hours.

With 26 miles per hour top speed, the EVOLVE GTR Carbon 2 in 1 Long Board

GTR_Carbon_ 2 in 1 Evolve off road electric bikeOur favorite electric board is the brutal GTR Carbon by Evolve.

Why do we pick it above the others?

To sum it up: acceleration, charge time, range, max speed, build quality, control. This esk8 is a premium product and comes at a hefty price, but you pay for the best parts as well as characteristics. Having in mind Boosted boards are going down the drain, Evolve are now the king of the esk8 jungle.

To start with, the board comes with a toolbox, a Y tool to unscrew all screws on the board, a charger, a remote control, extra screws as well as stickers.

And let’s face it, this board is beautiful, you can not only see the quality built, but you can also feel it. The carbon feel and the hand made hexagon design is just eye-watering!

As the GTR Carbon comes with a carbon deck, at first I thought it might feel stiff riding it, compared to a bamboo deck, like the Mellow drive, but the big wheels suffice for the carbon deck and make the feel even more smooth, even on sand, dirt road and footpaths.

Pros of the Evolve GTR Carbon electric longboard:

  • The carbon deck gives you a lot of control, especially on uneven, dirt terrain. When riding at a higher speed, the carbon deck gives you extra security and stability. This stability gives an almost skate-like control, where you can drift at high speed on rough terrain. Pretty cool!
  • Forget about what the manufacturer says about the range of this board, when we tried it in an offroad setting, going on rough terrain, with more than 90% of the time using ‘pro mode’, after doing around 15km or more, the battery had 50% left. Doing the simple math, that would give it around 30km of endless fun if you can actually still stand on your board after that long. Other riders have done lots of battery tests and if you’re riding on normal roads with little to no incline, you can expect to get around 50km with a single charge.
  • GTR and custom mode. If you’re going for hardcore riding, Evolve offers you modes where you can get the most power out of the 14AH Samsung lithium-Ion mattery with custom BMS.
  • Standard for Evolve, you get premium quality parts such as the Evolve ceramic precision bearings, hand-made carbon deck, Ultra-smooth stepless braking control with regenerative recharging and many more.

Characteristics of the Evolve GTR Carbon:

  • Two types of wheels, for urban and AT riding (the Evolve GT 97mm 76A and Evolve 7″ pneumatic All-Terrain wheels)
  • Maximum weight load of 100kg (220pounds)
  • Weight of the board: 9.8-10.5kg (street/all-terrain)
  • Charging: recharge to full in 4-5 hours
  • Length: 39″ / 101cm
  • Motor: brushless dual 1500 watt
  • Range: 50 (31miles) urban and 30km (19miles) AT
  • 12 months manufacturer guarantee
  • Max speed: 26 to 22 miles (urban / all-terrain), decreasing as voltage decreases

Drawbacks of the all-terrain GTR Carbon 2 in 1:

  • One thing, which is understandable for an electric longboard, is the weight. You can’t just carry this board everywhere with you, unless you’re riding it ofcourse. The price to pay for getting an an electric longboard, I guess.
  • Fixed! There was a problem with the charging cover where when you open it the first time, you can’t close it properly, however, Evolve has already addressed and fixed that issue.

Verreal RX Dual Belt 3000W

As discussed in our article about the best electric boards, the Verreal is the latest and greatest electric longboard – the cheaper Evolve GTR alternative

Verreal-RS characteristics chartTo sum it all up: this electric board is for those who want an Evolve but can’t afford an almost $2000 for one.

Verreal has the best hub motor systems. The new Verreal RX eboard has been in development for more than a year, and it’s finally out. The first impression we had when unboxing the RX was that the deck was basically a copy of the Evolve GT, which, for a user of the board, is great, having in mind Evolve are the king of electric skateboards now.

The deck is pretty thick and sturdy, made of ten plywood sheets, the wheels are pretty wide, 13 inches, the battery is covered in a complete steel casing on the bottom of the board. The deck curves up very slightly on the sides.

Curving is great, great control, lots of flexibility

The torque is crazy on this eboard, it accelerates rapidly, so if you’re not a very experienced rider, go easy with the acceleration. Safety first!

Characteristics of the RX Dual belt esk8:

  • A powerful dual belt drive 3000W motor (6368 brushless 170kv), coming from the same factory Evolve motors are made in.
  • 3 modes of acceleration. 1) 20kmh 2) 30 kmh 3) 41kmh
  • Range: 40km / 24miles
  • Hill climb: 25 to 30% depending on rider weight (max 150kg)
  • Deck is 37inches by 9.3inches Canadian maple.
  • 15mm HTD curvilinear belts chloroprene core with Kevlar
  • Charging to full takes from 3 to 5 hours
  • Adjustable truck mounts – forged reinforced Kingpin
  • ESC: HobbyWing custom build
  • Comes in a 3 battery configuration and can give up to a 40km range
  • The wheels are soft, 90mm by 63mm wide, with a ‘spongy-grippy’ texture. Same manufacturer as Boosted boards
  • Remote has 20m distance, ergonomic 2.4G
  • A Panasonic 12.8 amp battery or a Samsung 30Q battery (10/12 amp), depending on which set up you choose
  • There will be a 6-inch honeycomb wheel all-terrain version coming up later this year which will be a bit more expensive, around $750

Drawbacks of the RX Verreal dual motor:

  • The deck isn’t flexible, due to the attached board case which spans through most of the bottom side. Verreal explains this decision by saying it helps greatly with stability at high speeds, which can be a good thing for use on all-terrain. We’d have to test that further

How can you make your electric skateboard faster?


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