Best Electric Skateboards Under $500 Dollars [2021 Updated]

Skateboards has been a dream of each of us as kids, at one point or another, it was cool and exciting to learn to do flips and ollies. Now, for the new generation and for us, with the help of advancements in the field of automatic commuting, Electric Skateboards are now accessible and available in all budgets and different features. Even if you plan to use electric skateboards as a hobby or want to commute daily to your work or school in an environment-friendly way, an electric skateboard is a way to go.

They are eco friendly, fast, easy to handle, and convenient to use than ordinary skateboards. To make your skateboard experience more fun, electric skateboard manufacturers are introducing budget-friendly models with maximum features everyone can afford. In this article we will list the best elboards you can get under $500, with their parameters, pros and cons. top 10 electric skateboards uner $500

Electric Skateboards and its History:

  • What is an electric skateboard? An electric skateboard is a modernized automatic version of the standard wooden skateboard, which functions manually. Apart from a sport or a leisure activity, it’s also used as a personal transporter.

Moreover, it is awesome that these are not registered as vehicles, and you don’t require any license to use them as a means of transportation and, save a lot of money?

  • The early automatic skateboards used gasoline as a power source and were released in the mid-1970s but later got banned due to complaints of noise pollution and not being environment friendly.
  • The first wireless electric skateboard was introduced in California USA in 1997. However, a fully functional electric wireless skateboard with high torque motors and sufficient batteries was available in the early 2000s. The industry is evolving since then, and the products are becoming more and more efficient and robust.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard:

It’s always a good idea to research things before investing in anything. There are many types of electric skateboards available with different unique features. Let us go through what salient features to look for in a skateboard before buying it, and hopefully, you will pick up the best skateboard in your budget.

  • What Material to choose for the Skateboard Decks

The board’s material is the most important feature if you are buying it for a daily commute. For leisure purposes, it’s equally important too. The material must be flexible, durable, and can support your body weight quickly. The most common materials used are Aluminum, wood, and carbon fiber. Maple wood is preferred in the wood category due to its flexible yet robust nature, but if you are looking for a lightweight option, Plastic or carbon fiber are the best options.

  • What wheels to choose

Wheels are the most vital part of a skateboard, and they ensure a smooth hassle-free ride.  There are three main types of wheels used to create a functional board. Street wheels are lightweight and are best for leisure uses in a park or streets and easily roll on flat and smooth surfaces. Cruiser and Longboard wheels are slightly bigger but provide an excellent grip on rough surfaces. They are soft and can quickly roll on any surface. Bigger wheels are more substantial, but they roll faster and don’t alter the speed of the skateboard easily.

  • What you need to know about Batteries and Power:

The battery of an electric skateboard must be long-lasting and easily recharged to give you some extra miles and a smooth ride. You can also look for battery indicators in the product you are planning to buy, and in case of a battery malfunction, it should be easily replaceable, and the batteries should be available in the market.

  • How fast can you go:

What is fun about a slow and shabby skateboard? The speed of the electric skateboard must be controllable and always on a higher side to have a fun ride. Always check the maximum speed specifications of the product before investing in it.

  • Weight and Portability, for those who plan to travel

A skateboard should be lightweight, portable, and durable at the same time. After all, your safety is on a priority list. Always look for a product which is not very heavy and is made from a safe material so that you can carry it everywhere easily.

  • Warranties and Guarantees

Warranty is an important feature which you should look for before investing in a new electric skateboard. Some companies are offering a limited warranty to repair the product if found faulty, and some of them are offering a fully working 180 days warranty. One of the main reasons we picked Meepo’s V3 eboard is that they offer 180 days warranty So it’s always a good idea to look for a seller and a product which has a warranty.

  • Price range:

The price is the first thing you consider when looking for a quality product. The cost of an electric skate ranges from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand. To hunt the right quality product in a limited budget is something you need help for. Let explore the top 10 list of eboards under $500 that are available on the market.

Our List of Electric Skateboards under 500 dollars:

After thoroughly reviewing a lot of skateboards, considering the features mentioned above, we have shortlisted some products if you are interested in learning about some high quality budget-friendly electric skateboards you can have a look below.

10. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

Are you worried about finding an electric skateboard that looks good and works great? Then Hiboy S22 is the answer you are looking for. Hiboy S22 has all the qualities that you must be searching in your first skateboard. It offers a variety of features and gives you a smooth riding experience, and you couldn’t be happier if you made this a purchase. This incredible product has a U shaped longboard, which is 35 inches in size and is made of durable quality material. One of the best features of this product is its extended range. The battery can go up to 12 miles in a single charge. When it comes to power, the brushless dual hub motors make it robust and make sure that the ride is smooth and comfortable, and if you are in for a fast ride, it offers you that as well.

The skateboard offers a range of 18.6 -24 mph speed. The wireless remote adds to the accessibility of the board and helps you control various functions easily. The lightweight design makes it super portable as it weighs only 16 lbs, but it doesn’t limit its load capacity. The product is capable of carrying an adult of 220 lbs. This multifunctional model has more to offer with its four riding and brakes system to ensure you are safe and enjoying it. What more can you ask for in a product in this budget? Wait, this product has more to offer. It can climb a 20 percent grade hill as well. Isn’t that great?


  • Top Speed and  great, long-lasting battery
  • Replaceable parts and climbing feature.


  • Weight limitations
  • Some users have reported battery issues.

9. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Online shopping is never an easy task when you are on a tight budget, and no one wants to waste their hard-earned money on a false product, but reviews and seller ratings can surely help us in this domain, and we are here to help you out too. Alouette Phoenix Ryders is considered among the top electric skateboards because of its affordable price, lightweight design, and various multiple features. The product is designed to be extremely lightweight as it weighs only 9 lbs to ensure maximum and easy portability.  It features a 32-inch deck is made from premium quality maple wood to provide exceptional strength and safety to the users. This budget-friendly model has an excellent range, and the battery can last up to 14 miles on a single charge, and all this is all possible because of the powerful lithium battery installed with the product.

If you live in a hilly area, you don’t have to worry about the board’s performance as it can easily handle a climbing angle of 15 degrees. The product is well equipped with a dual 250W motor, and the high-level brake system gives you a perfect combination of mobility and control. One of the best features is the digital display, which gives it a stylish modern look, and you are always aware of the state of the skateboard. It displays different functions, such as speed, power, and battery percentage.

The product does great in the wheel category too as the strong and robust wheels provide maximum maneuverability to the board. The manufacturer has equipped this model with a wireless remote to make it convenient, and in case of a bad experience or mishandling during the shipments, it is offering a six-month full repair and replacement warranty. In a nutshell, if you are looking for an all-rounder, without any doubt this is the product worth investing.


  • Lightweight and robust with dual battery
  • Digital Display


  • Small for a very tall adult.

8. Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

Everyone loves a stylish product that has excellent features, and you feel confident when you use it. This Teamgee electric skateboard is one of the most winning merchandises with all these qualities in this budget range, and the wide variety of features make it stand out in all of its competitors The product is made with high precision as the deck is made of a combination of exceptional quality Canadian maple wood and fiberglass, which makes it extremely lightweight, safe, and comfortable. The new thin matte surface offers an excellent grip and gives a comfortable ride without slipping. Despite being only 14 lbs, the product has a load capacity of 200 lbs, making it suitable for kids, teens, and adults.

When talking about the battery domain, this product is no less than any of the other models available. The product is powered with a powerful battery that can be charged in just 2 hours, and with this fully charged battery, you can easily travel a distance of 11 miles. For a smooth and steady riding adventure, this model is equipped with very durable 760watt dual motors, which make it climb a steepness of 20 degrees effortlessly, which is the maximum in the products of this range. The sturdy replaceable PU wheels and the design being low to the ground compared to other skateboards make it best for a pleasant and hassle-free ride.


  • Extremely thin and lightweight
  • High speed and durable.


  • Heating issues if overloaded

7. SWAGTRON Swag Board NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

Were you looking for a skateboard that is ideal and versatile at the same time? Then, look at this cool unique named product that will catch you attention and is a top-quality choice if you’re in for fantastic riding experience. The main feature is a durable and robust deck that is manufactured from a 7 ply Canadian maple wood, and it is lined with grip tape for extra comfort. The product commits to provides safety even on rough and tough surfaces through its robust polyurethane premium quality wheels, and a regulatory authority certifies the skateboard for extra customer satisfaction. The product is fully charged in less than 3 hours and can last for a maximum range of 10 miles.

Due to its lightweight, portable design and powerful 350W hub motor, the product is very fast as the speed can go up to 11 mph. One of the best features this board is offering is a wireless remote, which can control the speed brakes and show battery status n real-time Either you are a beginner or a skateboard pro, this will help you, in any case, Last but not least, even the remote is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra bucks on batteries


  • Lightweight, durable and stylish
  • Less charging time


  • Poor Battery Performance reported.

6. TGHY Electric Skateboard

This skateboard is another lightweight and compact one in this category. It’s an ideal product for beginners and teens due to its small size and secure handling. The extremely stable design and the board weighing only approx 3.5 kg makes it super fast, and the speed can go up to a maximum of 15km/h.

The deck of the board is made from durable and sturdy seven-ply maple wood to accommodate most of the riders out there. The board is powered by a high-quality battery, which can be charged to its full in just 3 hours and powerful 150W robust motor gives the board high speed, and you’re in for a fun ride. The remote control feature adds to the functionality of the board, and you can control the three-speed modes through it, making the product easy to use and handy. Overall its budget-friendly, fancy, and suitable for teens and kids.


  • Lightweight fast and easy handling
  • Durable and sturdy


  •  A Single motor and not suitable for adults.

5. BLITZART X-Plore Electric Skateboard

This Blitzart skateboard is well known for its multiple features and fast speed and is hands down one of the best products at the listed price. Do you want a stress free ride without worrying about the remaining battery? This board is power-packed with a 36V lithium battery, which is fully charged in 2.5 hours, and this one time charge can last for an incredible distance of 10 miles.  This revolutionary product is fast, and has a maximum speed of 17mph, making it one of the fastest in this category. One of the best features is that it’s made of two high-quality materials: maple wood and bamboo wood deck. The eight-ply maple wood deck and later layered with bamboo sheets make it very flexible and robust.

The board has a grip tape for more safety and has a concaved surface. The product is extremely lightweight and weighs only 13 lbs. The power-packed 350w premium quality brushless hub motors give it a high push makes it ready for a sturdy and a smooth ride. The dimensions of the product are very cozy as it is only 38 x 10 x 5 inches that makes it highly stylish and hassle-free as it’s already assembled when you order it, so you don’t have to worry about assembling. It’s ready to use when received. The rechargeable remote, which can last for 7 hours maximum when fully charged, is an excellent addition. All these features make this electric skateboard one of its kind.


  • Incredible speed and deck materials.
  • Ideal for new skateboarders


  • Battery issues reported

4. Compact Cruiser Electric Skateboard

MFNYP is one of the biggest brands in the skateboard industry, and they know their craft well, so you will never regret investing in any of their products. Compact Cruiser is as expected a fantastic product in this category with distinct and modern features infused.  The product comes with a super handy wireless Bluetooth controlled remote control, which can control all the skateboard functions, making the product convenient and easy to use. This function provides you full access to brakes and accelerometer to control the board’s position and speed. The incredibly fast-charging batteries are long-lasting and can be easily powered again in two hours. Isn’t that great and time-saving?

To give its riders an extraordinary safe experience, the deck of the board is made of best quality Canadian maple wood and the PU elastic wheels to make sure the strength is excellent, and you are always safe and having a fun ride. The super powerful 400 W battery is a thing that makes this board to function very swiftly. The product is suitable for kids to all adults because of the maximum support it offers and has a load capacity of 130kgs. The product has a climbing capacity of 30 degrees, and they go on for a distance of 15km on a single charge. One of the best features is a fully functional warranty and a top-quality customer support service, so you are always stress-free and aware that you are in safe hands.


  • High load capacity
  • Bluetooth controlled and came with a warranty


  • Simple outlook

3. Wheels Electric Skateboard by MFNYP

This electric skateboard is another excellent addition to the market by this manufacturer. The board is suitable for beginners to professional’s riders, and people of any age older than eight years can use it, making this an all-rounder. The product has an excellent load capacity of 100 kg to cater to the need of maximum people out there and is made of high-quality Canadian maple wood. The compactness and weighing only 7 kg makes it easy to carry, and it doesn’t affect the board’s quality and robustness.

The 400W brushless motor is very much enough to support the functions swiftly, and you can go up to 25km/h. If you are on a bumpy path with steepness as high as 20 degrees, this can function without difficulty. The product is powered with incredible batteries, and if fully charged, which will take only 2 hours; it is up for a long ride and goes up to 12 km. The wheels are top-notch and can be easily removed and replaced if worn out after excessive use, and the board is like new again to give you an environment and budget-friendly smooth fun ride.


  • Replaceable wheels.
  • Fast and lightweight


  • Limited load capacity

2. Backfire G2 Black

Backfire g2 Black electric skateboard

Discounts are always attractive, and if the product with exceptional features is available on a discounted price, you can’t stop yourself from grabbing the opportunity. Backfire G2 is one of the fastest-selling products listed on this website and is currently on sale for a price of 399$.the company is offering a 180 days warranty product, which gives the customer a level of trust. Let’s discuss the feature of this stylish and great looking electric skateboard. It is equipped with a full black deck for a smooth and comfortable ride. One of the best and modern features is its LCD remote, which is an ultimate skateboarding tool so that you can monitor all the stats in one place.

The product comes with a high voltage battery of 42V and has a range of 18kms on a single charge for uninterrupted use. The motors are listed as two Super Power Hobby wing Motors. These are 400W super powerful and long-lasting. The wheels are 96 mm in diameter made of high-quality urethane and provide a smooth ride. The wheels can be replaced when worn out.  All these features in one product, so have a look at this product you won’t be able to resist buying.


  • Robust design and warranty.


  • The limited load capacity of 80 kgs

1. Meepo V3

Meepo V3 electric skateboard

If you are a beginner and new to the skateboarding world then Meepo V3  can be your gateway to this vast world of fun and comfort. The product in the discussion is a fast, sturdy, and stylish version of the manufacturer’s previous models of the same product, and it could not be better, and you will know why when you will read about its features. The product is well equipped with the best quality two 540 watts batteries, which are quickly replaceable if required.

The combination of very stylish looks and best features makes this product very irresistible, but if you want to add more to the look of the board, the manufacturer is selling front and backlights separately to give it a beautiful funky look. The product is no less than any other counterparts in terms of features too. The board is super fast with a 20km/h and can easily handle a steepness of 15 degrees. The deck is durable and made of maple wood, and the product comes with a warranty of six months. What more are you looking for? This product can adequately cater to your electric skateboard needs. Have a look at prepare yourself ready for an enjoyable ride.


  • Stylish and lightweight.
  • Great Customer Reviews.


  • The Load capacity is not known.


You are an experienced rider and looking for a new skateboard or a new hobbyist. This list will help you go through the best options available. The electric skateboard industry is new and growing every day. There are tons of options available with a variety of manufacturers, but most are expensive or not of outstanding quality. We have listed some of the best options available under 500 dollars. Have a look before buying your new electric skateboard.

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