Cheap Electric Scooters Under $300 Dollars (2021 review)


Wondering which are the best budget electric scooters for under $300 bucks? In this article, we’ll review and go through our top picks for affordable scooters. We will see what people who already used them have to say, the good and the bad, so you can decide which one is for you.

Although those electric scooters might not cover the longest distance or offer the fastest acceleration and top speed, they are a great buy for commuting to work or the local store, or as a present for your kids and grandkids.

We will review these scooters pointing out the good and the bad features.

We begin with our top pick, the Razor power core E90, the newest model by Razor.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric ScooterThis model brings in quite a few innovations and improvements. It is quite cheap considering the performance, going around $150 dollars  The key features of this electric scooter are:

  • innovative power-saving technology giving more mileage with high-torque.
  • a hub motor giving smooth acceleration
  • More than an hour of use with a single charge
  • 12V lead-acid battery
  • Lightweight steel body frame
  • Airless back tire for more solid control and secure ride
  • Luminescent lighting under the deck and a powerful LED light
  • 120lbs max weight, making it unsuitable for most people, and a great present for kids

With an amazing customer rating of 4.5, let’s see what users of the E90 have to say:

One person said he tested it and really enjoyed the stability and acceleration, he then gave one for his 9-year-old grandsons’ birthday. Assembly is fast and easy.

Another user said the power was too much for his 7-year-old granddaughter and had to return it. We are not sure if that is good or bad for the E90.

Another person mentioned the electric scooter behaved well on a biking trail and could keep up with an Evolve board for most of the trip. The charging type is long, compared to more expensive elscooters. Sometimes it can take up to 8 hours.

Our second pick is the GOTRAX XR Electric Scooter

Gotrax electric scooterThis electric scooter is almost twice the price of the E90, but there is a reason for that. Let’s see it’s most important features:

  • Foldable, one-step folding design.
  • A maximum carry the weight of 220lbs, making it great for adults as well
  • A range of 12 miles per single charge
  • 26 pounds weight, easily transportable
  • High capacity 36V/5. 2 AH battery with smart battery management system to ensure no overheating and extended battery life
  • Dual disk brake system
  • 8.5 inches pneumatic tyres for more control and stability
  • LED display which shows a multitude of stats such as speed, speed modes, battery life, headlight function and more
  • Powerful headlight with a 26 foot lighting range for safer night riding

The Razor E200 and E200S Electric Scooters

Razor Power Core E200 Electric ScooterThe Razor E200 electric scooter incorporates all the great features of the E100 with some extra kick. These machines are sturdy, sleek, and can reach cruising speeds up to 13 mph, which is 25% faster than the E100. The rechargeable battery allows for 45 minutes of continuous use, and, with the deck holding up to 220 lbs., can be enjoyed by adults as well.

The E200 is, of course, more expensive than its introductory model but still won’t break the bank. The MSR price varies depending on the reseller but is in the range of $120. One nice thing that the E200 does that the E100 can’t do is that the throttle for the E200 can be operated from a stopped position whereas the E100 requires a small kick start.

Razor E-200 cheap electric scooter Features and Specifications

  • speeds up to 13 mph
  • hand-operated rear brake
  • chain-driven motor for a smooth, quiet ride
  • twist-grip throttle for acceleration control and immediate start from stopped position
  • full-size deck and weight capacity of 220 pounds – ideal for larger kids and adults
  • large 8 inch pneumatic tires for easy ride
  • battery life of 45 minutes or longer of continuous use
  • battery charge time of 12 hours
  • full 90 manufacturer’s warranty

What users of the E200 have to say about this electric scooter:

Most of the positive comments are geared to the performance and versatility of this scooter. Many kids love it, it holds up well, and because of its larger size and capacity, can be used by kids of different sizes without the fear of breaking it. Both kids and adults like the speed of the machine – fast enough for kids to have fun but not so fast as to be dangerous and concern the adults.

There is some assembly required, but the instructions provided were clear, making this an easy process.

There weren’t too many negative issues with the E200, but a couple of concerns that came up had to do with the motor, back tire and throttle.

The clearance between the motor and the ground is not that great, so when going over bumps or dips the motor may contact the ground, which can eventually lead to damage. Usually, you’ll have to slow down when you notice a bump or hole coming up to avoid heavy bumping or scraping on the motor.

Someone mentioned that the back tire was difficult to inflate with air, while another said that it couldn’t hold the air once inflated. There was an issue of not being able to control the speed using the throttle – it was either nothing or full speed which concerned one parent. Another person had problems with the throttle sticking.

Overall, only less than 10% reported problems with this scooter, and the majority of people were happy with the reliability and performance of the machine. If you have a couple of kids who are close in age and are looking to get one scooter for them to share, the Razor E200 would make for the ideal scooter.

And then there is the seated version of the E200:

Razor E200S Electric Scooter with Seat

Razor Power Core E200S Seated Electric ScooterThe Razor E200S electric scooter features the reliability and performance of the E200 along with a detachable seat. Along with its fold-down handlebars, this bulkier machine can easily be stored in tight spaces. The seat can be removed easily for stand-up fun, but if you prefer to sit down and relax while cruising around, the padded seat and pneumatic tires will make for a smooth, comfortable ride.

You can cruise around on the E200s at speeds up to 12 mph. It can hold the weight of an adult, but stand-up riding is recommended for larger riders to allow the seat mechanism to last longer.

The E200s is reasonably priced for the long-lasting fun your kids will get out of it. You will find priced just slightly higher than the E200, between $100 and $130.

Razor Scooter with Seat Features and Specifications

  • speeds up to 12 mph
  • high torque motor for performance and reliability
  • battery charge time allows for 45 minutes continuous use
  • battery charge time of 12 hours
  • large-size deck to support heavier riders (up to 200 lbs)
  • 8 inch pneumatic tires
  • easily detachable seat post with padded seat
  • retractable kickstand and fold-down handlebars make for easy parking or storage

The Razor E200s received a customer feedback rating of 3.5 stars which is slightly less than the rating for the E200.

The main thing people like about the E200s is the speed. Some had prior experience with the E100 which only reaches 10 mph and really enjoyed cruising around once they switched to the E200s. Another is the versatility of this machine. People like the option of being able to sit or stand, and adults, after trying it out, discover they like the fact that it can support larger riders like themselves!

Customers also like the fact that the E200s is easy to assemble and get up and running. Another interesting use for this machine is its functionality as a transportation device for students. They like the fact that they can sit down, transport their study materials on the deck, and not have to pay for gas! Perfect for trips to class and the grocery store.

Issues that have come up are the motor overloading, the tires not being able to hold air, and the batteries not being able to hold their charge for the allotted 45 minutes. As with the E100, dealing with the support team at Razor can be a little frustrating, as they have to determine which exact parts you need and then ship it to you for you to disassemble, install the new parts, and then reassemble.

The Razor E200s is not quite as popular as the E200 since most kids prefer to stand and ride on their electric scooters, but it is a nice option to have if you think you may want the capability to sit and ride on occasion. The price between the two models is minimal, and the easy detach-ability of the seat post make it no hassle of switching between standing and sitting.

The even cheaper Razor E100 electric scooter

Razor E100 Electric ScooterThe Razor E100 is the introductory, or low end model, of electric scooters made by Razor. That’s not to imply this scooter is cheap in quality though. It has been proven to last a long time and is perfect for kids who are just meeting the age requirement for electric scooters.

This scooter is safe, easy to operate, and allows kids to cruise around the neighborhood in style. It requires a push kickoff of 3 mph before engaging the motor, at which it can then increase in speed up to 10 mph. The battery can hold it’s charge for almost an hour, and the fold-down handlebars make it easy for storage.

Razor E100 Features and Specifications

  • sleek design
  • ultra-quiet belt driven motor
  • hand-operated front brake for easy and quick stopping
  • cruising speeds up to 10 mph
  • 40 minute charge hold time before having to be recharged
  • twist grip throttle for easy speed control
  • high torque motor
  • pneumatic tires

What consumers have to say about the E100 electric scooter?

The E100 has gotten a lot of reviews on Amazon and rates 4 out of 5 stars. Many people were impressed with the battery life of this machine. The advertised life is 40 minutes but some reported an hour or even longer before having to recharge it. Another good quality people appreciated were the reliability and ruggedness of the E100. You know how kids can be rough with their toys. Even when used a few times per day, many have reported heavy use for weeks on end with it still operating like new.

Most of the negative issues with the Razor E100 had to deal with receiving a scooter that had faulty parts and then trying to resolve those issues. Troubleshooting was often attempted via telephone, and new parts that were determined to need replacing were shipped. A few times, the new parts did not resolve the problem, and the customers had to go through the process of installing the parts themselves. Then they would have to repeat the process and wait for another set of parts to arrive, so understandably this would lead to some frustration.

Another reported issue was that the rear wheel was not of the best quality, and a couple people had problems with it shredding and breaking down.

So the consensus seems to be that this is a good product for the price. It doesn’t have quite the performance of higher end models, but the majority of people were pleased with the purchase and it seems most kids really enjoy this model. The issue seems to be that a few will receive e100′s with faulty parts which can be a pain to fix, as there is a delay of having to wait for the new parts come in and the hassle of having to reinstall the parts yourself.

But these negative issues were few and far between, with only 8% having reported dissatisfaction with the product. As people are more likely to go through the effort of leaving a negative review when unhappy then leaving a positive review when satisfied, the number of people who received defective scooters is probably very few. If you are looking for a quality electric scooter on a budget, the Razor E100 fits the bill well. This scooter makes for the perfect introductory gift for kids new to electric scooters.

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter SeatedThe Razor E300 is Razor’s super-sized, ultra-powerful version of its electric scooter line. This model is geared more towards teens and adults. The deck and tires of the E300 are larger and more sturdy to support larger riders, and it’s powerful motor allows for speeds of up to 15 mph.

The twist-grip throttle gives you easy acceleration control, and it’s hand-operated rear brake allows for quick and easy stopping even when traveling at high speeds. The quiet, powerful chain-driven motor allows you to cruise around at high speeds without disturbing the neighbors. A cool feature of the E300s which other Razor models don’t have is a freewheel on the rear sprocket which allows you to coast with hardly any drag.

While not ideal for young kids from a safety standpoint, this is the ideal transportation scooter for students and other teens and adults. It’s larger deck and heavier weight make it more durable for transporting a single person along with other small items.

The E300s is more expensive than the E100 and E200 series at around $150-200

Seated Razor Electric Scooter Features and Specifications

  • reaches speeds up to 15 mph
  • extra-wide, 10 inch pneumatic tires and large deck size perfect for large riders – supports weights of up to 220 lbs.
  • detachable seat post and padded seat allows for either comfortable sit-down riding or stand-up riding
  • adjustable and fold-down handlebars ideal for riders of different heights and for easy storage
  • rechargeable battery – continuous usage life of 40 minutes and quick charge time of 8 hours
  • quiet, chain driven motor
  • environmentally friendly

The Razor E300s has received quite a few reviews on Amazon and rates an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars. A lot of people loved its ease of use as a transportation device and the fact that it does not require fuel which saves a lot of money. The powerful motor which allows riders to go up hills was a huge plus. A few people have achieved speeds of greater than the advertised 15 mph, some reaching 18 mph and even 19 mph on it.

The main issue with this machine seems to be that it shuts off during use, forcing people to get off and push the reset button to get it working again. Having to continually push the reset button after using for short periods of time takes the enjoyment out of riding. This seems to be a common issue for the people who have left negative feedback and seems to be the most glaring issue of all the Razor models.

Other issues some have reported are unreliable charge hold times for the battery and under-performance of the motor, despite riders being below the weight limit of 220 lbs. All in all it seems most people are happy with the Razor E300S, but with around 15-20% of people reporting issues with it (specifically the reset switch), there is a slight chance you may be pushing your luck with this model.

Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter

eZip E1000 series electric scooter

The Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter is the top-of-the-line scooter manufactured by Currie Technologies. It is pricey, at almost $300, but this model simply packs a punch that lesser models do not.

First of all, the hefty motor outputs a power of a kilowatt, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 15 mph. The battery supplied in this model has an increased capacity as well, providing enough charge to ride up to 12 miles. This equates to a continuous riding time of almost an hour.

Worried about the comfort and safety of such a powerful ride? Fear not as the eZip 1000 comes equipped with dual suspension and a dual disk brake system. Front and rear suspensions on the frame and fork allow for rough terrain to be tackled, and front and rear disc brakes provide extra stopping power when cruising at top speeds.

This top-of-the-line Currie scooter is a beast at 80 lbs, but with folding handlebars and an on/off seat post, it does have the capability to be stored in a car or in small spaces.

What are the Currie e-Zip Features and Specifications

  • high torque, 1000 W motor
  • top speeds of 15 mph or greater
  • rechargeable battery, plug and play, with battery life of 50 minutes
  • Currie Smart battery charger
  • patented Currie Electro-Drive System provides high efficiency and requires minimal maintenance
  • dual suspension system for super smooth, comfortable ride even over rough surfaces
  • safe, effective dual disk braking system
  • 12 inch puncture-resistant street tires with alloy 5-spoke mag wheels
  • high-tensile steel rugged frame

What customers say about the eZip 1000 electric scooter?

The eZip 1000 has received a lot of feedback on Amazon, mostly good with an average 4 star rating. Most people, even though they paid a higher price than they would for a typical scooter, feel they have gotten their money’s worth. They love the performance and like the fact it can even be taken off road on surfaces such as gravel, dirt, grass and sidewalks. The ability to achieve high speeds quickly and then stop immediately in a safe manner is another plus.

Other positive comments include the machine’s low noise level, ease of assembly, and it’s simple operation. It even has the ability to hold more than one person provided the combined weight is not that great. You can sit down and have your small child stand in front of you so he or she can enjoy the fun of this scooter, as there is no way they can operate it themselves.

There are no consistent deficiencies that have been reported with this model, though the nonadjustable seat could be an issue for some people. There was one report of the battery not being able to hold it’s charge for the allotted amount of time, and one scooter had a problem with the gearbox.

The Currie eZip 1000 Fusion Electric Scooter can easily meet most of your entertainment and local transportation needs. If you are looking for a performance scooter, this is an electric scooter that will certainly fit the bill. It is definitely not recommended for young kids nor for the faint-of-heart.

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