Top 5 of Outdoor Water Bottle Lamp

1.А Travel Water Bottle with Solar Charging – Lantern


Here are the key features of this outdoor LED lantern:

  • You can easily charge it anywhere, at home, in your car, with sunlight when you’re hiking and on the move or with an extra battery;
  • It is waterproof, rated with IPX7 water resistance certificate. It can be submerged to up to 3 meters deep;
  • It has food-grade silicone so you can keep liquids and food in it, it is totally BPA free!
  • It is multi-functional – its LED light is perfect for outdoors at night, either used as strobe or camping light with up to 100 lumens. It has 3 light functions, bright, low and strobe;
  • Its size is 6 inches when expanded. You can fold it in a very compact form so it takes very little space in your backpack;
  • Its three lighting modes include the crucial SOS mode for outdoor emergencies.

2.Aglaia – beautifully designed camping light LED


  • It is highly waterproof, with a rating of IPX6, so you can safely keep various items dry. For example, ID cards, memory cards, USBs, keys, and of course food;
  • Depending on your needs, you can charge the Aglaia either via sunlight or via micro USB cable.
  • Similar to the camping light we mentioned above, it has 3 lighting brightness modes – high medium and low which can be switched with a button on the side of the LED lantern;
  • It has a beautiful design which is also handy, having an easy to attach and hold handle. Easily place it on a tent, a tree, a chair, or even your backpack;
  • It comes with a 24-month guarantee, so you can rest assured you are covered if it turns faulty for that period.

3.Bear Grylls 3-in-1 LED water bottle with Solar charging

  • Bear Grylls knows his camping gear best, and going with this one is surely a great choice, it can easily be charged with solar power or through a USB cable, having a micro USB port;
  • It is highly durable, compact and well designed, it is shorter than an iPhone 6;
  • Again, comes with the standard 3 lighting modes, shining in beautiful LED white light;
  • It has a smart protection chip which won’t let the lantern overcharge and reduce its lifetime unnecessarily;
  • It is multi-functional, providing light, safe cover for items that need to be kept dry at all times; or used as a cup, jar or bottle, whichever you prefer.


4.LED camping light/jar/lantern in many colors, powerbank


  • With 100 lumens of brightness at its highest lighting mode, an SOS mode and a 50 lumens on its low mode, it covers all the basic needs a mountaineer might have;
  • It has a 700ml liquid capacity and is completely waterproof, made of safe sillicone;
  • It can also be used as a powerbank, with its massive 2000 Mah, perfect for charging your devices on the move, simply press the charing button for three seconds so it light up and it will beging charing;



5.IMAXPLUS LED Storage/Foldable Water Solar charing bottle/lantern


  • Multifunctional: It can be folded to take very little space in your luggage, while also charging through solar power or through Micro USB, whichever suits your needs and circumastance best;
  • Three lighting modes, including SOS
  • Low power consumption battery, holding for more than 12 hours when fully charged;
  • Beautiful design, made with high quality cillicone which you can store foods and liquids in;





Our Extra Pick – Aluminium TaoTronics Lantern – Touch function


  • Anti slip texture so it holds on uneven surfaces perfectly, aluminium alloy frame, both light and sturdy;
  • Complete IP68 protection against water and humidity;
  • Staggering 400 lumens brightness capability;
  • Perfect for lighting in your backyard, your tent, when travelling at night or even use at home;
  • Sensitive and intuitive touch panel, keep a finger or your palm on the panel to slowly increase the brightness of the light;
  • Dual stand design, coverig 360 degree angle;
  • Powerful 2600 mAh battery (lithium ion) which you can charge through a USB port, with a useful charge indicator;



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