Top 5 Multi Fuel Stoves

Here Are Our Top 5 Multi-fuel Stove Picks

The more we travel, the more experience we gain, about us, the environment around, and the equipment we use. Going on a journey, not knowing where it will take us, we need to be able to adapt to each situation, for every environment we are in. Using all the opportunities, surviving! One of the important things to bring with us while we are traveling is a stove. And probably, you would say – gas stoves……… no!

Gas stoves, who needs them anyway ?!

If you are traveling you have to bring a lot of gas bottles. That means that the weight of your backpack will jump drastically. And we don’t want that, do we?! So, today I decided to write about stoves, not regular ones with gas, but stoves that use multi-fuel!

Walking around nature, climbing mountains, crossing rivers and traveling in a desolated lands, far, far from the civilized world – we would hardly find a shop from which to buy gas to recharge our stove – even if we need it only to boil some water to make it drinkable.

In places where we can’t even find firewood – the likelihood of getting fuel is even less. If we reach to the nearest road, eventually a car will pass by. In most mountain – chalets, lodge, cabins, bungalows, and huts, due to the lack of power supply, they use fuel-fueled generators. The only minus that matters to me remains – the strong smell, but we still talk about survival.

Survival is feasible with adaptation! But before I start talking about my top 5 stoves I want to say which are the advantages and disadvantages of multi fuel stove compared to gas and wood stoves.


  • You can use a different type of fuel (petroleum, benzene, Coleman fuel(naphtha), kerosene, diesel and in some cases denatured alcohol);
  • One bottle “to rule them all” (excluding gas);
  • Not freezing in low-temperature conditions;
  • Faster boiling.


  • Strong unpleasant smell (excluding Coleman fuel);
  • Making your cooking pots, pans and cups – smoked and hard to clean;
  • You can’t use firewood like a wood stove.

So, these are my top five multi fuel stoves!

Number 5 – Lixada multi fuel stove

Compact, easy to use and not expensive. The stove comes with fuel bottle, hose, pump, pipe wrench and a bag for your comfort. The weight of the package is only 1.84lb., the length of the hose is 10,63 in. (which, if you ask me is not much).

The bottle is orange and can contain up to 18 fl. oz. of fuel. The ignition is manual. The capacity bracket can hold, up to 176 lb. vertical pressure. It is recommended to pre-heat the stove for 30 sec. before start cooking!

Depends on the type of the fuel, but the boiling time of a 33,8 fl. oz.of water is around 3 minutes. Inside the gas pump, there is a built-in wear resistant device, to protect from leaking while is in your backpack. The stove is made from stainless steel (enough for the money) and the bottle is made from aluminium.

As a conclusion, not the best quality, but it’s at least the cheapest on the market!

Number 4 – Coleman dual fuel stove

Good old Coleman brand! We all know their quality products. This one is very different with the others in this “top 5” It is quite heavy, but you don’t have to attach anything – bottle, stove and pump are all in one, which I think is great.

Another good thing is that it has filtering funnel. You can use pans, pots and cups with size up to 16 in. There are also wind baffles to prevent wind to blow out the flame. But lets return to the weight – 2.4 lb.

Why so heavy? Because it can hold, up to 128 fl. oz or four and a half propane cylinders. You can use Coleman gas (naphtha) or unleaded gasoline. It arrives with 5 years manufacture warranty. God bless America!

Number 3 – MSR Whisperlite Universal multi fuel stove

Another interesting stove. Incredibly light – only 14,9 oz. (without the bottle). You can use also canister fuels.

Let me tell you what is included with this stove – you will get windscreen, heat reflector, isopro adapter, canister stand, bag and the fuel pump. You have to pay a little bit more, because the fuel bottle is not included, which I find very annoying. But besides that, the bottle is big, can be filled with fuel up to 20 fl. oz.

The stove has three strong legs with a unique design which will keep your cooking sets stable. One of the best things in this product is the self – cleaning Shaker jet technology( you just shake the stove and the needle is cleaning the jet) , which allows fast cleaning and maintenance on the field. And one more time, made in the US!

Number 2 – Trangia – X2 multi fuel burner

We are going to high price products. This one is made in Sweden, a country known with cold and rough climate. The weight of this item is 1.2 lb. We can put inside the bottle again 20 fl. oz. The burner is smaller and it works perfectly with Trangia principle (stove kit with pans and pots you can buy separately, without stove, the burner is not stable, because there are no legs. This set will cost you around 100$ more).

But of course, with high end price it is better quality and comes with extra tools. It comes with bottle, 2 jet nipples, fuel pump, a service key and a cover.

Number 1 – Optimus Polaris Optifuel stove 

And my top pick – Optimus Polaris Optifuel!

  • The weight is 2.2 lb;
  • The fuel bottle can fit only 13,5 fl. oz. this is the only disadvantage, but not a big problem;
  • It has only one jet for all types of fuel even propane cylinders!
  • There is also a magnetic needle for cleaning the jet, even while you are cooking!

ONE JET TO RULE THEM ALL – how about that?!  With the package, you will get also a heat reflector, adjustable windscreen shield, multi tool with magnet(for the needle) optimus lubricant for the pump and a bag. It is more than easy to regulated the flame.

When you are using propane, you have two modes to choose – normal and for low temperatures, you can increase the heat output. On the pump, there is also “on/off” switch. The stove has strong and stable legs ideal for almost any terrain.

That’s it for today and don’t forget to buy once, use forever and lets help the environment – buying sustainable products!

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