Best canteen in the world

Keith Titanium Canteen

Titanium canteen Keith.

One of the things that you definitely need in every outdoor activity. There are many option on the market, made from stainless steal, from plastic, from aluminium, but nothing can compare the KING – Keith titanium canteen. Keith beats them all.

Ultra light and ultra strong with lifetime warranty, the canteen comes with titanium cup with handles and lid for it and a custom made carrying pouch. No matter what you are –a hiker, a tourist, a soldier, an alpinist, a fisherman, a climber, a downhiller, an offroad driver or just a person who likes the walks in to the nature – this canteen is for you!

Small and light

Dimensions 8 x 5.4 x 3.3in only and weight 10.1oz. unbelievable and this is not everything. It can contain up to 37,2fl oz in the canteen and 23,6fl oz in the cup, which is more than enough! But I will not stop here and I will tell you that you can use the canteen directly on fire, to heat your water or to prepare soup in the cup. I really like the lid, it covers the cup complete so preparing a soup or boiling a water was never been easier. Removing the lid from the hot cup is simple, because there is no locking system, which helps a lot.

My personal experience

I have been a hiker for 15 years now. When I started with this hobby, I was carrying a water container, cooking pots, a kettle, all made from stainless steel, things that were making my backpack heavier and uncomfortable to wear.

After the second year, I bought aluminium cooking set. It was way more lighter. I was happy about it. First I was using this set with gas stove, but after some time I bought a universal stove with multi-fuel bottle. The cooking set was still doing good.

Than I started doing more extreme/ surviving hiking trips, where I was carrying less and less things, so I decide to use my camping fire for my cooking. I was using the cooking set directly on fire. I was still happy about my cooking set, till the moment when one of my cooking pots start leaking. The high temperature damaged the pot. I turned to anodizing aluminum sets, using different brands.

When I found Keith Canteen

In the late 2012 I found Keith titanium canteen. That was the happiest moment of my life. No more heavy sets, no more poor quality materials. With the cup and the lid I am making soup, tea, heating water, boiling rice, even sometimes I am frying mushrooms. Sometimes when I am with friends and I need more boiled water I just use the canteen, I am putting it directly on fire and there is no problem. Water is boiling after few minutes. If I return 15 years back and I have this canteen and cup am I pretty sure that I will still be using it!

The material is titanium and it is eco-friendly, bio-compatible and bacteria inhibitive. Lets not forget also that is extraordinarily hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, what could we possible want more?!

Keith Canteen has an ISO 9001:2008 certified company (accredited by CNAS, member of IAF). Keith titanium product samples passed EU Food Grade (German LFGB) test and U.S. FDA test (both undertaken by SGS). It is also a GMC Certified Manufacturer (audited by TÜV Rheinland).

Don’t think twice, buy once, use forever and lets help the environment – buying sustainable products! Don’t forget: Quality over quantity!

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